1. Create a new VM on the promox host.
    Important settings different from standard are (for some "Advanced" required to see them):
    1. OS tab: "Do not use any media"
    2. System tab: "Qemu Agent" → checked
    3. System tab: "BIOS" → "OVMF (UEFI)"
    4. System tab: "Add EFI Disk" → unchecked
  2. After creation in "Hardware" select the disk, "Detach" then "Remove".
  3. I also removed the CDROM from the "Hardware", didn't try with it so no idea if that's needed.
  4. Download latest vmdk image from https://github.com/home-assistant/hassos/releases to the proxmox host.
  5. "gunzip" that file on my proxmox host.
  6. Import that file to the machine: qm importdisk <vmid> hassos_ova-2.4.vmdk <storageid>, no need to convert or do something with it at least if you use a block based storage like LVM or ZFS like me, you can also do conversion with that command directly, read up here https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/qm.1.html
  7. In "Hardware" "Attach" the "Unused Disk" as "SCSI".
  8. In "Options" change first entry in "Boot Order" to the disk you attached.

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