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Slicing is the process of turning a model into instructions for a 3D printer.

There exist several slicer softwares:

  • Cura - open source slicer crated by Ultimaker
  • Slic3r - open source slicer
  • Simplify3D - closed source slicer

Since Cura develops more and more into a directions where it is hardly usable for other machine and Slic3r does not run so good for me I chose Simplify3D for now to be my main slicer.
From time to time I try Slic3r but I am not pleased with the settings distribution over the three settings group (print settings, filament and printer).

So Simplify3D (S3D) it it, at least for the moment.

Therefore S3D has an own section with explanations and hints how to use it here.

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